Your Elopement Awaits…

If you’re going to go through all the trouble of travelling to Queenstown, hopping in a helicopter and walking out onto the edge of a mountain top to get eloped, you may as well commission an elopement videographer to film it. Not only will a cinematic film complete with drone shots give you bragging rights for coolest elopement amongst your friends and family, it will also be the only way to truly capture your surroundings whether it be dancing on a glacier or saying ‘I do’ over the clouds. If ever there was something we were known for amongst the town (besides our terrible toast puns), it’s our epic elopement films. As your elopement videographer we will follow you on whatever adventure you have in mind. If you want to re-enact your Lord of the Rings trek across Middle Earth or choreograph a hip-hop dance routine and invite your friends to be your backup dancers (both scenarios have indeed played out over the years), we’ll be right there with you capturing every outrageous dance move and intimate moment.

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The Finer Details

Option 1: The Whole Nine Yards (Most Popular)



You get two filmmakers, which means double the amount of footage from multiple cameras (including some jaw dropping angles from our drone) for us to transform into your cinematic masterpiece! We’ll also weave professional quality audio from your ceremony throughout your film to really make your memories come to life and create your own unique story.

What’s Included:

  • 4 hours coverage
  • 2 filmmakers
  • Drone footage
  • Social Media Teaser
  • Ceremony Film
  • Highlights Film Reel with audio of vows + licensed music

Option 2: When Harry Met Sally



You’ll have one filmmaker with you to cover the best moments of your day, including some spectacular drone footage so you can show off the incredible landscape you got married in. They’ll even sign as your witness if it’s just the two of you!

What’s Included:

  • 4 hours coverage
  • 1 filmmaker
  • Drone footage
  • Highlights Film Reel with licensed music

Most couples opt to have their elopement fully planned and inclusive of other services such as hair and makeup, a celebrant, helicopter tour and photographer. If this sounds like your jam, we are happy to recommend other wedding planning partners to ensure your big day goes smoothly and exceeds your expectations. For those wanting to have a video-centric elopement with minimal fuss, we can arrange a helicopter and celebrant for you as part of your video package.

Once you decide that an elopement film is right for you, the next step is to click our big red enquire button to check on availability and chat through the details. From the beginning we want to make sure we’re a good fit for you. We start by getting to know you as a couple and getting a sense for what kind of film you’re after and what fits best with your plans. We love to hear all about how you met, what brings you to Queenstown for your big day and anything else you want to share (embarrassing anecdotes are welcome but not required). On the day, we take a relaxed approach to ensure you’re comfortable and looking fabulous on film. Throughout the day we get to know you a bit better and witness your story in action. Having the experience with you on the day as well as what we chat about prior gives us inspiration for how to best reflect you both in your film.

We tailor each film around the couple so if there’s high energy and elaborate dance routines on the day, you can bet we’ll be keen to showcase that in all its glory. If the day is a bit more mellow, we’ll probably choose some different music and pacing (unless of course you request techno jazz throughout the ceremony). The day always goes by quickly and then we get to work hand crafting your film in post production.

The editing process involves going through all the footage in detail, establishing a story, adding some cinematic flare, choosing the best licensed tracks and of course applying our famous colour grade skills. This part takes the longest and since we know that waiting for your film can feel like an eternity, we do offer faster delivery options. Once we finish your final film, we send you everything in downloadable form so you can relive the day and share it far and wide. If you’re interested in learning more about how to elope in Queenstown, check out our Ultimate Guide to Eloping.