5 Reasons a Wedding Film Should Be Top of Your List

Have you ever driven home on autopilot and then thought, “wait, how am I here already?” For couples getting married, their wedding day can often feel the same. With all the adrenaline, emotion and excitement the day absolutely flies, and when we, the videographers, fight through the dance floor to hug our couples goodbye, we so often hear things like “I can’t wait to see the film, today’s been such a blur!”

Damn right it was a blur, you poured your heart out in the vows, cried a little, laughed a lot, maybe you snorted then laughed some more. You drank all the champagne, ate all the best food, and had all your best people surrounding you. One minute you’re walking down the aisle with your heart pounding through your chest, the next you’re taking last-call shots with your wedding party as the DJ plays his last song. Then you wake up the next morning, and think ‘did that really happen?’

Enter… The Wedding Film.

Our 2021 showreel featuring some of our favourite little moments from the last few years filming weddings around New Zealand.

Having a wedding photographer is given, a non-negotiable, bread and butter, but videography however is often one of the last things couples consider for their big day. And while video would never replace the need for a photographer it does offer a completely new way to remember your special day. So here’s five top reasons you should prioritise film into your wedding budget:

1. Thanks for the memories

Our aim is simple, to make you feel like you’re right back on that day all over again. There’s simply no other way to relive all those intimate details – to hear your guests laughing at the best man’s speech or the epic shapes your maid of honour pulled on the dance-floor; the sound of your husband-to-be’s voice cracking as he reads his vows (yes gents, that will happen); or the song you had your first dance to. These are once in a lifetime moments and ones you might miss in all the excitement or, worse, fade over time. Our films immortalise these memories so they’re as fresh in 50 years time as they are the morning after (or maybe fresher depending on the bar tab you racked up).

Besides, it’s the perfect way to prove, in years to come, that you did indeed used to be cool.

Queenstown wedding

Amberley + Grant at the Millbrook Resort Secret Garden

2. Show it off!

You’ve spent months choosing your venues, what to wear, carefully planned a couples shoot on a stunning mountain top and curated the perfect event. Don’t let the rewards of all that be limited to just one day. With a wedding film you can relive every part of it, soaking in those views and falling in love with your venues all over again. Not to mention our team of fully qualified drone pilots will be busy capturing stunning aerial video throughout your shoot for the most unique perspectives. (link to drone blog post)

Whether it’s an intimate moment on a mountain top, an epic celebration after saying “I-do” or the most jaw dropping location – you’ll want to remember every moment… 

Queenstown wedding

3. Share everything

Now let’s talk about the C-word. Covid has put a spanner in the works for everyone and wrecked a lot of pretty epic wedding plans. Even with things opening up, many couples have been forced to downsize their guest lists or have decided to elope instead. Wedding films give you the opportunity to share your big day with all your loved ones, no matter where they are or what the restrictions. Having a film crew onsite means you have options. You can have a complete edited film to share later down the track, or get a same day edit for a quick turnaround giving those who missed out a timely viewing, or for the ultimate inclusion we can run a live stream straight from your ceremony and speeches. Either way, you can share this event just like you always intended.

Live streaming, same day edits or guaranteed delivery dates – we make sure you can share these important moments with friends and family.

4. Pick the right videographer

Unfortunately wedding films got lumped with a pretty bad rap over the years for being a bit cheesy and more than a little tedious to watch back. But the industry has come a long way since then, style and technology have evolved so much and it’s important to make sure you choose the right people who can take that and run with it. It’s always a great idea to read what couples have had to say about their videographers and to watch their work to make sure you like their vibe and they’re going to be the right fit for you. Then jump on a call or grab a drink and get to know your videographer so they can tell your story in the best possible way.

Capturing the last light of the day for those hero shots up at Double Cone: Remarkables, Queenstown.

Credit: Williams Photography

Wedding videography

5. Personal and unique

Lastly and most importantly, our films are unique to you. If you’re a couple that likes to kiss, hug and hold hands at every opportunity then go for it – it’s your wedding day! But if you’d rather knock back shots with your bridal party, storm the photo booth or go nuts on the dance-floor, we’ll be right there with you. We don’t believe in dragging you away from your friends or forcing you into weird or uncomfortable poses. We love getting creative and making wedding films that are true reflections of our couples personalities and their day with all its quirks, declarations of love and outrageous dance moves.

We just give you one job, have the best damn time and we’ll create a film that makes it look as incredible as it was!

So, don’t push video down your list. Nothing will bring back those memories and make you smile, laugh or cry like your wedding film. This is the best day of your life so long live The Wedding Film!