Pop The Bottle, It’s Time For Toast!

It’s been a long old year and we felt like it was time to treat ourselves, get a facelift, a new wardrobe, and make ourselves look as good as we feel. So the day has come and it’s finally time to introduce…

Here are our new colours, which we’ve fittingly named: Marmite, Marmalade, Avocado, Butter, Purist, Honey

Over the last few months, we have poured our hearts and souls into creating a new image that would accurately depict who we are, at our core as a team. The way we approach wedding filmmaking is all about having fun and celebrating you in whatever form your love takes, so we wanted our new brand to reflect that. In the rebranding process, we changed the logo and fonts, got ourselves a new colour palette and a brand spanking new website. We went all in.

Cheers! It was time to get a facelift and make ourselves look as good as we feel

But our values haven’t changed.

We still take pride in the fact that creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We never compromise on quality and constantly work to keep learning and evolving as experts in our field. Our mission is to capture those honest moments that keep things authentically you (but the you that doesn’t have canapes stuck in your teeth). This all adds up to mean that we can turn the best day of your life into memories that you can keep going back to until you’re grey and old…and prove to future generations that you did in fact, used to be cool.

And if you thought we were named after a nutritional breakfast well that’s fine too, feel free to butter us up in the testimonials section of the website when we make you an incredible film.
If you want to get to know the team a bit better head over to our About Us page, or better yet book us for your wedding!

If you knew us as Shotover Wedding Films, don’t worry we’re still operating in exactly the same way with the same awesome in-house team! If you currently have a booking with us you don’t need to do a thing except admire our new look and take in some of the new features on our website.

Check out our brand spanking new website

So here’s to us!

If you wanna keep up to date with everything going on here at Toast or you just wanna see how many bread puns we can sneak into our regular updates… check us out on Instagram.

It’s the yeast you can do.

Loaf you longtime (this will never get stale)