Ray + Doris

People often ask us how we deal with creating a video when it rains on the wedding day? These two are the perfect example of not letting the elements get in the way of you marrying the love of your life and having the best day ever! From the get go, Ray and Doris laughed and danced through their wedding and we laughed along with them creating some amazing images and having the time of our lives! Highlight of the Day: The rewards came when the sun broke through as we played in the Autumn leaves and finished with some drone shots in Skippers Canyon.

LocationQueenstownSeasonAutumnPackageWhen Harry Met Sally

Thank you so much for the video, we love it ! We watched it once and once and once again, it is so impressive and recalls my memories of experience in that amazing day !All our guests, relatives and friends also like it and were so touched by the video. Thank you again

— Ray + Doris