Scott + Kady

Kady and Scott regularly visit Queenstown and flying in helicopters to take in all the amazing scenery is something they love to do so naturally their wedding day would be no different! They wanted a wedding video to showcase their elopement to their friends and family at their reception back in the USA the following week. We reckon there’ll have been some serious envy in that room! We took a helicopter out of Queenstown for one of the most amazing scenic flights around Fiordland with an amazing remote ceremony on a private beach at the alpine lake of Lochnagar. Can we do all again please! Highlight of the day: Landing up on Isobel Glacier was quite the experience! It was about -10° with wind chill and about 3 ft of snow so we didn’t have long but we laughed a lot and played for as long as we could bear before running (sort of) back to the chopper!

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The video is awesome! Thank you so much. Just in time before we head home to the states. Our friends and family are going to love it!

— Scott + Kady